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Non-Emergency Medical Transport

AR Life Transport delivers professional, non-emergency medical transportation services (NEMT) with compassion and true concern for the welfare of our customers. We assist patients who are not in emergency situations, but need more help than a taxi service can provide.

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We’ll take you from your door to your destination in comfort and safety

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

We do ambulatory, wheelchair, and Barton chair (Stretcher) transports in and around the Little Rock area (up to 20miles). However, we will go anywhere as long as out of route miles are paid for. Call for details.

Barton Chair (Stretcher) Transportation

We upgraded our stretchers to Barton Chairs as they are infinitely more comfortable than a stretcher. Stretchers are designed for emergency situations; Barton Chairs are designed for comfort. In addition to being more comfortable, AR Life Charges way less for a Barton Chair ride vs the cost of an ambulance ride.

Elderly Transportation

We don’t just pick you up and drop you off at the curb, not only will we do door to door, we will actually stay with you throughout the entire doctor’s visit. Now you don’t need to take time off work if your mom needs to go to the doctors. We can pick her up, make sure she is checked in okay. And stay with her until she gets all the way back home.

Handicap Transportation

We use a number of different vehicles depending on your needs. We can handle more than one wheelchair or one wheelchair with two ambulatory passengers, along with many other configurations.


About our services

We can provide conventional wheelchair transport.* Many of our patients travel in their own wheelchairs. But we can provide one if needed. Our vans accommodate up to two wheelchairs. One caregiver can travel with the patient.

Non-weight bearing patients,who don’t require monitoring, can use one of our economical reclining wheelchairs during transport.

*Note: For maximum economy, wheelchair patients should be seated in their chairs and ready to leave when we arrive. If necessary, we will help the patient transfer safely into their chair, but as this requires extra time, there will be an additional fee.



Some of the transport needs we can help with

Dialysis Appointments

Geriatric Day Care Centers

Hospital Inpatient/Outpatient Departments

Physical Therapy Appointments

Physician Appointments

Emergency Room Pick-ups

Treatment Centers

Discharge from hospitals to home

Local and long-distance transportation


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Senior Driver



Senior Driver

Pricing For Standard Services




Standard Wheelchair




Standard Wheelchair

[AR Lifes]



Extra Wide Wheelchair



Reclining Wheelchair



Barton Chair



Apply as Needed Special Services

Additional Crew Member

$100/ Member

Required for patients weighing over 275 lbs., stairs with no elevator, other special needs.


$40/ Transport

May be required to safely transport passenger up or down stairs.

Standby Time

$1.00/ Minute(First 15 min. are free)

Our policy is that our drivers leave once their transport is complete unless requested to wait

Items Requiring Extra Trips

$40/ 4 Items

Load and transport up to 3 bags with the passenger at no charge. Additional items/trips incur a fee.


If no/short notice is received Load fee is charged. In the case of long-distance runs (over 20 miles) mileage will also be charged.

We require an advance notice of a minimum of four hours or for long distance trips the time required for our driver to reach the pickup point.